French Toast with a Side of Berries

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I must confess that my favourite meal of the day is breakfast, especially on the weekends when there is time to make and enjoy something delicious. I’ve got a great weekend breakfast that you can make – french toast served with a side of berries.


I stumbled across this french toast recipe by Food Wishes one day when I had a hankering for really, really good french toast.  What makes it so good is the vanilla and cinnamon, and how the french toast is cooked in the oven at the end so the insides go all lovely and soft when the outside is crunchy.


I believe that french toast is best served with maple syrup and a side of berries.  Berries are in season in my part of the world at present, and I must confess to indulging just a little.  When berries aren’t in season french toast is good by itself or with any other fruit that’s in season.


Mmmm, yummo!


What’s your favourite breakfast?