Discover Vintage Homewares and the Lady that Saves Them

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You know the feeling when you’re walking down the street and you see a store full of beautiful, beautiful things?  Things that are so beautiful you want to take all of them home with you?  I had that same experience when I stumbled across an Etsy store called Acreativelifestyle.  I instantly fell in love with all the vintage homewares that I could see.

Acreativelifestyle is run by Jane Gott and it turns out that there is an inspiring story behind all her vintage homewares.  Jane kindly agreed to have a chat and a virtual cuppa with me, and I’m sharing our chat with you today.

There are photos throughout the interview of Jane’s gorgeous products, if you click on the photo it will take you to the product on Etsy (got to love the technology!).


Meet Jane Gott – image by Jane

L: Hi Jane and welcome to Homelea Lass!  It’s great to be able to spend some time chatting and having a virtual cuppa with you.  To start off can you tell us a bit about yourself?

J: Hi Lynda and thanks so much for your interest.  I have been working in the health industry for 35 years but my true passion is being creative. Over the years I have dappled in creative activities, whether it has been decorating my home, designing my garden, restoring furniture, sewing or simply making things.  I have two extremely creative daughters who have shared my passion and love for the creative arts and are developing careers reflecting this. They are both living interstate and have encouraged me to follow this path.


4 vintage amber apothecary bottles | image by Jane Gott

L: Your online store, Acreativelifestyle, is a treasure trove of good things.  What kind of products do you sell?

J: I  sell things that I have recycled and “saved”. When I say “saved” I mean rescued from other people’s rubbish. I love things from the past, things that were well designed and things that have stood the test of time. By peeling away the outer layers I find objects that are beautiful, well made and at the same time useful. So I guess you would say I sell recycled and vintage things!  Every thing I sell in my shop I would put in my own home. I only sell things that I truly love.

4 English vintage bone handled butter knives | image by Jane Gott

L: When I browse through your online store I’m inspired to fill my home with beauty.  What inspired you to open your online store and fill it with beautiful things?

J: The store started as an avenue to sell the mini milk bottles which I decided were worth recycling. I had read about Etsy and with both my daughters encouraging me I opened the shop. As I said earlier, I have always been attracted to vintage objects and found this was the perfect avenue for selling these things as well. I started adding these to the shop along with my recycled bottles and got a good response.


Vintage industrial number 30 | image by Jane Gott

L: Of all the items in your store what are your 3 favourites and why?

J: The first thing would have to be the recycled mini milk bottles.They have a wonderful shape and so many uses. They look fabulous in any environment.


5 upcycled mini milk bottles | image by Jane Gott


11 upcycled mini milk bottles | image by Jane Gott

The second thing would be the metal vintage bakeware from”Willow’. Willow Ware is an Australian company that began in 1887. Many of their pieces I love, and they were made from a single piece of tin that has the most fantastic hutch pattern pressed into it.


Vintage Willow nut loaf tin | image by Jane Gott


vintage Willow gem cake tin | image by Jane Gott

The third thing is any vintage white china. I collect jugs, pudding bowls, plates and platters. I just want to share my love of these wonderful items with other people and encourage people to start their own collections.


Vintage white Ironstone English cake plate | image by Jane Gott


White vintage English Ironstone covered vegetable dish | image by Jane Gott

L: Thanks for taking the time to share a bit about yourself and your online store Jane.  Before we finish off how can people find your online store and contact you?

J: Lynda, people can contact me through my Etsy shop or they can email me at jane.gott at gmail dot-com. I also sell the bottles through an Australian online site called Down That Little Lane I am also on Instagram as “gottj” and soon I hope I will have my own website which my daughter who is a graphic designer is developing for me.


Vintage English ironware pudding bowl | image by Jane Gott

I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and if you’ve got any questions for Jane pop them in the comments below, and Jane will answer them.

Why don’t you also pop over and have a look around the Acreativelife store, it might be a great way to tick off a few Christmas presents.  A vintage lover would be delighted to find some of Jane’s pieces under the Christmas tree, or if you need to give a “not so subtle” hint about gifts for yourself share this post on Facebook or Twitter (the sharing links are below). 😉


Three upcycled vintage Fowlers bottles – peace, love, joy | image by Jane Gott