Embracing Me

Categories: Creative Happy Life

I took a selfie yesterday. Here I am in my around-the-house, uneditted, no make up, glory:


I was going to share it on Instagram. I selected the photo, had a look at it and then went “oh no”.

I looked old. Tired. Exhausted. I quickly closed Instagram.

I didn’t want to share this photo with the world. Wouldn’t you rather look at beautiful pictures of yarn instead?

But do you know what?

That photo is me. It’s been a tough week and I do feel exhausted and tired. I feel every bit of my 34 years, plus a few more

But do you know what else?

It’s been a good week as well. There is so much I feel grateful for. I feel abundant, and happy, and me. I feel like me. If I’m honest with you, three years ago I looked a lot better than this but I wasn’t me. I’m loving the peace and happiness that comes with being me.

I’m embracing me. I’m sharing my selfie and I’m loving me just the way I am.

So, do you love being you? Embrace the selfie, step outside your comfort zone and share you as you are – no make up, no editing, just as you are. Tag your photo #embracingme, and share down below in the comments how it makes you feel.