A Little Bit of Luxury (and a great gift idea)

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Yesterday I started using my first cake of soap from Cleanse with Benefits and I had to share it with you because it’s amazing! My skin feels and smells gorgeous and the natural aroma of the soap is filling the bathroom in the nicest possible way.

Using this soap makes me feel luxurious and special.

The other good thing about Cleanse with Benefits soap is that it is handmade in Australia in small batches using the very best ingredients – pure bliss! You can see, smell and feel the quality.

I’ve got a great gift idea for you – a cake of this gorgeous soap would be a perfect gift for a special lady. If you team it with a handmade washcloth it becomes a very thoughtful gift! I’m itching to try this washcloth pattern and I think it’s worthy of being paired with a luxurious soap.

Why don’t you pop over to the Cleanse with Benefits website now and stock up on some soap just for you (because you’re totally worth it

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