Do You Want to Take Better Photos?

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I started 2014 feeling frustrated about the photos I was taking. My photos didn’t look how I wanted them to look and my camera had all these settings that I just didn’t understand.

Now, at the end of 2014, I’m taking great photos and I’m confident with using my camera! What a transformation! I prefer to use the manual settings rather than auto, something I would never of dreamt of doing at the start of the year.

You can see the transformation in my photos below. I took them using the same camera and in my after photo the lighting, composition and depth of field is much better.


There is one thing I did that led to me taking better photos – I enrolled in one of Click Love Grow’s photography courses.

Lou, the lovely lady behind Click Love Grow, has the knack of clearly and simply teaching photography – it feels like she’s “holding your hand” as you’re learning.

I loved doing my photography course! Here’s what I loved about it:

  • Each week you get sent an email with links to a video and worksheet.
  • You can work through the course at your own pace.
  • You get to practice what you’ve learnt in the homework activities.
  • The feedback from the critiques is encouraging and gently points out how you can improve.

Do you want to improve your photography in 2015? Pop over here and sign up for one of the courses starting in January!


I have gained so much more confidence with taking photos that I recently bought a bigger and better camera. I’m a bit confused by all the different settings it has so I’m taking the photography course again in January as a refresher.

What’s one thing that’s stopping you from taking better photos?


Disclaimer – if you sign up to a Click Love Grow photography course using the links in this blog post I receive a commission. The opinions in this blog post are completely mine – I loved doing my photography course so much that I’m doing it again!