You Never Know, It Might Ignite You

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I’ve started something new. Something exciting and different. And I’ve learnt something from it. 

In this blog post I  described how I had a fresh start to 2015. How easing into the new year slowly revealed a new me. A lighter and more creative me.

One amazing opportunity that emerged during my fresh start was an offer to write a column “Being Happy, Staying Positive” for the Downs Champion. The first column was published this week and you can read it here.

Trying Something New

When I was approached to write the column I was interested. I reflected on it and it felt right. When I was asked “will you have time” I had the perfect response. This was something that ignited me.

Did I ever think that I’d be a newspaper columnist? No.

Did I ever think I’d be a writer? No.

Did I ever think I’d be styling and shooting photos for a media outlet? No.

And do you know what? I love writing the column. I love knowing that my words will help someone. I love creating and finessing the words until they feel right.

Writing the column ignites me. It makes me feel alive.

What I’ve Learnt

My advice to you is this – try something new. Try something you’ve never imagined doing. Do something that feels right.

You never know, it might ignite you.


With love and happiness,