Loving Pippi – the ultimate camera hand bag

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I recently upgraded my camera to a Nikon D810 and when brought her home I discovered that she had outgrown all my camera bags. I then started the hunt for the perfect bag to protect my new camera and suit my lifestyle. This is when I discovered Pippi.

Introducing Pippi

Pippi is a stylish red leather hand bag that has a removable padded box for holding your camera and lenses. She is the brainchild of Emma from Lilah Snow.

Why I love Pippi

I’ve discovered that I love Pippi because she:

  • is stylish – I love the look of Pippi and that she is a stylish hand bag with a hidden persona. She is much better looking than a standard camera bag and I love that she is made from real leather.
  • helps me be more creative – I love being able to have my camera with me so that I can create beautiful images when the inspiration appears. There’s nothing worse than thinking “that would have been an awesome photo”.
  • is well designed – Pippi easily holds my camera, crochet project (I need to have one on hand at all times), wallet and other bits and bobs. All her pockets suit me perfectly and mean that I can find the things I use regularly without rummaging around in the centre of the handbag.
  • feels light – with Pippi filled and over my shoulder she doesn’t feel heavy. I love that she has a strap so I can wear her across my body if I want to.
  • is flexible – Pippi’s stylish and smart design means that she’s suitable for every day use as well as traveling.
  • has plenty of room – I can fit everything I want to have with me into Pippi with room to spare. I could easily use Pippi as an overnight bag by popping in a change of clothes and a small toiletries bag.
  • reduces bulk – I don’t want to be carrying a hand bag and a camera bag. Pippi does both perfectly without the inconvenience of handling two bags.
  • keeps my camera gear safe – Pippi helps me look after my expenses camera and lenses.
  • is local – Pippi’s creator, Emma, is from the Gold Coast and I love being able to support a local business woman.


How I use Pippi

I’ve been using Pippi for a couple of months now. I’ve used her as my everyday hand bag as well as taking her on a road trip, a plane trip and on a cruise. This is how I use Pippi:

  • My camera and lens goes into the padded internal box. I use the extra dividers to provide some added padding.
  • I fit my wallet, umbrella, crochet project and a few other things around my camera in the padded box.
  • I keep my keys and phone in the two small pockets on the front so that they’re always on hand.
  • My iPad fits perfectly in the big zippered pocket on the back. I also keep important documents (like boarding passes) in here.
  • I keep all my bits and pieces like pens, mints, tissues and lip balm in the two small pockets and one large zippered pocket on the inside.


Discount Code

Emma has kindly created a discount code just for you! Enter HOMELEA15 at the checkout and you’ll receive a 15% discount on your very own Pippi.

To find out more about Pippi and to use your discount code pop over to the Lilah Snow website here.


If I didn’t have a stylish camera bag that suited my lifestyle I would leave my D810 at home most of the time. I love that Pippi helps me to be more creative by letting me have my camera on hand when inspiration hits.

What are your thoughts on Pippi and camera hand bags in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With love and happiness,


Disclaimer – I received a discount when I bought Pippi in return for doing a review. I’ve written this blog post from my heart and it contains my honest opinions and thoughts.