Finding My Rhythm: trying to go gently

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I feel like I’ve lost my rhythm. Life has gone from feeling flowing and peaceful to feeling disjointed and hard. It’s like I’m pushing through thick, dark jelly instead of floating through a peaceful glow. So I’ve been searching for my rhythm. I want to feel the peaceful glow again.

I’ve been pushing.

Over the last couple of months my life has been out of balance and through it I’ve somehow lost my rhythm. The things I normally love to do (like crochet, writing and photography) have become hard and each day I feel like I’m pushing. Can you relate to this? Do you know what I mean?

I’ve fallen into my rut of having to push and control. Even though it feels wrong it’s like it’s my default position. It’s where I go back to when the peaceful glow has gone.

I know I can feel amazing.

I’ve discovered that I’m at my best when my life has a gentle, peaceful rhythm. I know I’m living my life the right way when I can feel it. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s when I feel peaceful inside that I can feel the rhythm. I’m able to surrender control and enjoy the journey of my life. There is no worry, no stress, no pushing. Life just flows.

Life has a way of teaching me what I need to know.

I feel like this experience is teaching me what my rhythm is and how I can find it. How to find my peaceful glow. I’m discovering that I need to surrender and let go. I need to believe that if it’s meant to be it will happen. I need to release control. I need to wrap myself in love and trust in my intuition.

I’m starting to find my rhythm again.

It’s slowing coming back. I’m starting to find my peace and equilibrium. I’m trusting myself. I’m surrendering to my journey and I’m enjoying each step as it happens. Each day I can feel the peaceful rhythm getting stronger, closer.

I know I will find my peaceful glow, and I know you will find yours too.

With love,