Quick and Easy Baking – Pawpaw and Coconut Muffins

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Quick and easy baking - Pawpaw and Coconut Muffins | blog post by Homelea Lass

Don’t you love it when you get given fresh produce from your friend’s gardens?

Last week I was given the most beautiful looking papaw that was grown chemically free. It’s skin had a “perfect fruit glow” (I’m sure such a thing exists).

I seem to have a think for turning the fruit I’m given into baking. It’s happened twice now (the other time I made banana bread).

So the beautiful looking papaw turned into Papaw and Coconut Muffins and (just like in a fairytale) they were delicious! These quick and easy muffins tasted very tropical.

The recipe I used is here. Thank you Lifestyle Food for sharing such a great recipe. I varied the recipe by using regular flour instead of wholemeal and I sprinkled some coconut on top before popping them in the oven.

Yum yum! Next time I’m given a papaw it will most likely get turned into muffins.

What have you baked recently? Do you have a thing for turning fruit into baking too?

With love,