A New Start

Categories: Creative Happy Life

The start of something new - Lynda, Minna, happy

It’s a windy, spring day here at Homelea and it feels like the perfect time to be welcoming you to my new online home.

Not only is this a new website, it’s a new start.

I started blogging three years ago as a way of getting through the onset of my chronic illness. During this time Homelea Lass has helped me to create my happy life. I’ve grown and changed while Homelea Lass has been developing and along the way I’ve discovered my purpose – to wrap you in love.

I want to wrap you in love:

  • I want my words to soothe you.
  • I want my blankets to make you feel peaceful and loved.
  • I want you to escape to a place of love when you crochet and knit.
  • I want to help you to wrap other people in love too.

After all, you are wonderful and amazing and you totally deserve to be wrapped in love!

I’m looking forward to our time together here at Homelea Lass and to seeing where the future takes us.

I was wondering – how do you like to be wrapped in love? What makes you feel happy and peaceful?

With love, Lynda.