I’m Being Honest With Myself

Categories: Creative Happy Life

Things have been a little quite here lately. I’ve been getting honest with myself.


If you look back through my social media feeds and my blog posts you wouldn’t be mistaken if you thought I was a normal, healthy person.

I wanted my life to feel beautiful and shiny so I unknowingly channeled this desire into Homelea Lass.

In reality I’m living with a disability and my life is far from normal.

I’ve been hiding behind an illusion of normality because I haven’t wanted to accept that I am disabled. I haven’t wanted to accept just how broken I am. I didn’t want to feel like a failure.


My life is consumed by my constant companion, my chronic illness, my disability. It leaves me exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally.

My fatigue is debilitating and unpredictable and it’s time I accepted the reality of this.

Recently my illness has gone downhill. I’ve been putting the little energy I do have into the basics of living and this means that there’s not much energy left over for Homelea Lass at present.


Homelea Lass is my online home and I love it dearly. I’m hoping that one day I can be here more often but for now I need to scale things back.

I’ve taken the Macarla Blankets out of the boutique and there is nothing available for sale.

My blogging and social media activity will happen when I have the energy to do it.


I’m okay and I’m still going to be around. Homelea Lass will still continue and I hope in the future I can be more honest about what my life is really like.


With love,