I Want My Home To Feel Happy

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The world is so crazy these days. There’s so much going on and as modern women we’re all so busy; so much to do and so little time and energy to do it.

I’ve found myself dreaming about how I want my home to feel.

I’ve discovered I want my home to be a happy oasis within the craziness of the world.

I want everyone that walks into my home to feel welcomed. I want them to help create the peace and happiness.

Sounds pretty good right? It feels spot on to me.


But how can I turn my home into a happy oasis?

How could I encourage everyone that steps inside to leave all their troubles behind?

“I need to put something on the wall.” I thought. “Something that makes you feel happy and peaceful and loved when you look at it.”


Righteo, I had a plan. First I need some words. What do I want to achieve?

“Please fill our home with love, laughter and happy thoughts”.

Yep. That sounds just right. It gave me an idea.

“If I want all this for my home, I reckon other modern women want it for them home too. We all need to leave the craziness behind when we get home.”

We all need a happy oasis. Yep again.


The incredibly soulful and talented Kristy from Creative Flow Graphic Design has been able to turn my dreams and my words into reality. She’s created “Love, Laughter and Happy Thoughts” and it’s just perfect on so many different levels. It speaks to my heart and I hope it speaks to your heart too.

I fell in love with Love, Laughter and Happy Thoughts the first time I saw it. It is the perfect way to make my home feel happy.

Every time I look at “Love, Laughter and Happy Thoughts” I feel it’s happy vibes.

What do you think?

Make you home feel happy with this stylish set of printables and wallpapers from Homelea Lass


Do you want your home to feel happy? Do you want to fill it with love, laughter and happiness?


Righteo then! You can download this soulful set of printables and wallpapers right here.


Once you’re done printing it out and putting it everywhere I’d love to know how you’re using it and how it makes you feel. Pop into the Creative and Happy facebook group and let me know.


With love, Lynda.