Creating Something New

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I’ve decided to do something new. I’m going to knit myself a jumper.

Now I’ve crocheting lots of things in my time but I’m not a knitter. I’ve dabbled in knitting scarves but that’s about it.

For me knitting a jumper (and following a pattern) is a BIG THING.

Yep, it’s huge.

I feel completely out of my comfort zone.


So why do I feel the need to knit a jumper?

It feels like the right thing to do (even though it’s scary).

I saw a picture of the jumper on pinterest and I feel in love. It’s exactly the kind of jumper I love wearing and last year I struggled to find the right jumper that was made from 100% natural fibres.

So I bought the pattern. And I’ve been thinking about it even since.


I’ve picked out a yarn from my stash, had a look through my knitting needles and then put it aside.

A little voice in my head said “You can’t do it. It will be a disaster”.

And then my intuition said “You can do this. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. It will look and feel sooooo lovely, you’ll love wearing it. And the next jumper you make will be a bit better”.

So last week I finally believed in my intuition and I took some action. 

I picked up my yarn and knitting needles and I started swatching.


Once I started knitting it felt good. The yarn slide nicely over the needles. Mmmmm I thought. I could make this jumper.

So now I’m committed. It still feels scary but I want to do this.

I want to wear this jumper. I want to make this jumper and weave my healing love into it. I want this jumper to wrap me in warmth and love all winter long.


It feels scary but it feels good too. It feels like the right thing to do.


Yep, it does.


Last week I posted on Instagram and Facebook when I was knitting the swatches. I shared about my fear of doing something new and I was met with a wave of support.

Thank you.

My intuition piped up again and told me “why don’t you invite some soulful and creative women to join you in your Creative & Happy Facebook group? You can stretch into creating something new together? You can support and encourage each other. You’re not the only one feeling the fear of making something new”.

Yes I thought. That’s true.

So this in my invitation to you – would you like to join me as we create something new together?


Is there something that feels like it is the right thing to do but you don’t know if you can do it?

Then let’s do this. Trust in your intuition and leap in.

We can hang out together and face the uncomfortableness of creating something new together. We can do this. We can ask for support when we get stuck or if it gets too hard. We can encourage each other. We can laugh and cry and just know that we’re all in this together.

Pop over here to join my Creative & Happy Facebook group and we’ll get started.

I’ll see you over there.


With love, Lynda.
Update – I’ve knitted my first jumper – yay! You can read all about it over here.