Appreciating the Beauty Around Me

Categories: Creative Happy Life

Do you know the feeling you get when you realise something that you’ve kind of known for awhile, but didn’t pay it much attention? Well I’ve just had that feeling! I’ve realised that my illness has changed me for the better because I now taken the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

I used to be so busy and always on the go.

There was never enough time to do all the things I wanted to do and I would rush through my days. I never really absorbed the beauty around me because I never stopped to see it.

These days I appreciate the beauty around me constantly.

To be able to sit in the park with the sun on my back fills my heart with joy. I absorb how the trees play with the sunlight, I watch the the leaves gently falling and being blown around. I let the sun warm me up with it’s beams of light.

It feels good.

Even though my illness has brought me much pain and suffering, I’m still grateful for the changes it has brought into my life.

I now live a life that is deeper and more meaningful and whatever the future holds for me, I’m grateful for that.

So whenever you can, pause and appreciate the beauty around you. Drop the walls that surround you for a moment and let the beauty fill your heart with joy.

And tell me in the comments below – what beauty can you appreciate around you right now?

With love, Lynda.