A Homelea Lass Yarn

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With every crochet stitch I discovered something new. A new desire. A seed was planted and my passion grew.

The more I crocheted, the more yarns I squished and the more I learnt. In my quest to discover more and more soulful yarns I also discovered that I wanted to create my own soulful yarn.

A Homelea Lass yarn.

I yearned to create blankets using wool that I had grown and tended. From sheep that I have loved watching grow and flourish. A yarn that was fully processed with love and care on Australian soil.

I wanted to be a wool grower and a yarn creator.

This week it feels like I have started on this journey.

I had the priviledge of flying down to Adelaide and attending the World Merino Insight conference and what a day it was! I sat in a room with people that are passionate about every step of the merino chain – breeding, growing, processing.

My mind is overflowing and I am formulated a direction for when we will have sheep grazing beside our beef cattle (and maybe an alpaca or two).

The theme that’s coming up for me is love. Love for our animals and love for ourselves. We can live in a place that we love and fill our days doing what we love.

This love goes hand and hand with the sustainability of our land, our animals and ourselves.

The merino is the perfect sheep breed for my yarn.

The merino’s fibre is beautiful and the meat is tasty.

I’m amazed by the durability of this breed – they thrive in the hot and dry conditions of the Australian outback and in the cold snow of the New Zealand alpine regions.

The merino will cope with the extremes of our outback location and give our business sustainability and diversity with their fibre and meat.

Love and sustainability need to drive innovation.

If my sheep business is to thrive we need to be constantly innovating. Utilising technology to capture data so we can improve and grow.

Balancing what’s worked before with what could work in the future. Being open to learning and changing direction.

Letting love and sustainability to drive success.

A long term plan.

My dream has started becoming a reality and I know that it’s going to take time, effort and perseverance.

It’s a new journey that will push me to the extremes of who I am.

I know that I will make many, many crochet stitches before you can have your first squish of my Homelea Lass yarn.

It will happen and I hope you’ll enjoy going on this journey with me.

With love, Lynda.

P.S. It’s International Crochet Day on Monday and to celebrate I’ll be back with a list of my favourite crochet things and a discount code for my online boutique. Keep a look out for it!


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