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Creating and Giving With Love

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create:love:give by Homelea Lass


I’m a firm believer in the importance of creating and giving with love because it feels good to do and spreads so many good vibes. This is why I run create:love:give.

Create:love:give is about lovingly making scarfs and baby blankets for someone that is genuinely struggling. It’s a way for us to create and give with love together.

Over the last 3 years I’ve been blown away by the generosity and creativity of everyone that has sent in their creations for create:love:give. Each item is special and spreads so much love into the world.

So far this year we’ve given 85 items to Helping Hands Dalby. That’s 42 scarfs, 27 beanies, 7 baby blankets and 9 other creations! That’s a lot of warmth and love! Thank you so much to everyone that made these items, sent us warm wishes and spread the word.

Even though winter is over it doesn’t mean that create:love:give is over for the year. It will go all year round from now on – that means lots more creating and giving good vibes!


At present Helping Hands Dalby have a need for summery baby girl items and larger baby blankets.

Here are a couple of pattern suggestions for you (they’d all be great made with Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton Yarn):

What could you start making this weekend for create:love:give?


If you would love to get involved with create:love:give then pop over here.

With love, Lynda.


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