Live with Passion

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Even though I’m currently living a long way from my outback home I still enjoy sitting down and reading the Warrego Watchman when it arrives in the mail each week.

This week as I was devouring it along with my morning cuppa I found tears coming to my eyes. It was filled with tributes for a passionate young girl who unexpectedly lost her life in a car accident and it made me think.


Natalee was 21 and had been working in the outback for June. In such a short time this girl from the city had made her way into the hearts of the locals. I didn’t know Natalee but as I read her tributes I connected with her spirit – she had so much enthusiasm and passion for life.

I know this is a cliche, but life is short and Natalee’s story reminded me of this.

Regardless of whether I feel like shit, I don’t have enough energy, there’s never enough time or countless other stories, I’m here. I’m living and I have the choice to life each moment fully or to waste it away.


I choose to be inspired by Natalee and to live with passion and enthusiasm. To help others by following my soul’s purpose and by looking after myself.

How do you choose to live?


With love, Lynda.


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