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How I’m Embracing “Less Is More”

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As I emerged into 2017 I decided that “less is more” would be my guiding intention for the year. Deep within me I desired to find happiness through simplicity and peace; to leave overwhelm and having so much stuff behind.


I’d kind of forgotten about “less is more” as I’ve immersed myself in life. Today I’ve been reflecting on it a little more . . .

I desire less busyness and more just being and enjoying the moment.

I want to follow the wisdom of my body and soul more, and spend less time in my head.

More simplicity through clarity and less confusion and overwhelm.


Without realising it I’ve been pairing back and reorganizing – creating more of the good things in my life and less of the other stuff.

I’m slowly getting more focussed and letting go of the things that aren’t a perfect match for me. I Know that this will gradually happen if I keep living the life that feels right deep within me.


These are some of the ways I’ve been bringing “less is more” into my life:

  • sorting out my homes and selling the things I no longer use on ebay and in my local facebook group.
  • using up my yarn stash by crocheting for create:love:give (and not buying any new yarns)
  • developing a weekly routine where I plan healthy and simple meals for the week and do a single shopping trip so I’ve got everything I need.
  • ย resting when my body tells me I need to rest, instead of pushing through and doing everything I “need” to do.


What does “less is more” mean to you? I’d love to hear about it so tell me about it in the comments below.

With love, Lynda.



2 responses to “How I’m Embracing “Less Is More””

  1. cheryl says:

    hi Lynda less is more -at the moment- means for me …. fewer commitments …. more me time
    re my creative works ..as a mixed media creative I find it particularly challenging since EVERYTHING inspires me to re purpose ……. so not wanting to do as Andy Warhol did ie renting a factory to store my excess ephemera for an exhibit on waste in packaging I decided to put a time limit on how long I collected my packaging and tossed it once that new use by date passed
    It worked well for me

    It also helped me consider the product I was about to buy in a different light….. yep the packaging can I reuse it or what????

  2. Lynda Rennick says:

    Ohhh Cheryl, more me time and less commitments feels so luxurious! I can just feel you sinking into your creative works! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

    You’ve given me some food for thought re product packaging, especially coming out of living with a debilitating chronic illness where convenience helped me to function, and moving into a phase where I’ve got the energy to function and convenience is less important. I’m about to head off and do the grocery shopping so I’ll keep it in mind!

    With love, Lynda.

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