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April 30, 2017, no comments

New (lower) prices!

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Experience is a great teacher and innovation is a beautiful thing.

Over the last month or so I’ve done a full review of  my Homelea Lass products. I’ve been through every single item and have realised that over time I’ve improved so many different parts of my business.

I’m amazed at how I’ve constantly grown and changed as Homelea Lass has stepped into her power and I love that it means that I can pass on huge savings to you and reduce my prices!


I’m excited about this because it means my chunky blankets are now more affordable and can appear on more lounges and beds across the world. I can spread my healing skills further and wrap more people in love. This is my soul work and I’m so excited about how this can grow and spread.

I’ve also refined how I weave my healing energy into each blanket and I can teach you how to do this too. Each chunky blanket and kit now includes a Creative Energy Session where we balance your energy, explore how to wrap you in love and dive into the perfect colour for you.


Would you love some chunky goodness in your home? I’ve put together all the gorgeous products that have new (lower) prices down below for you.


Chunky Crochet Hooks, Tunisian Hooks and Knitting Needles – starting at $20

Chunky Crochet Hook, Tunisian Hooks and Knitting Needles | Homelea Lass

These chunky tools are so much fun to create with! Not only have I been able to pass on savings, I’ve expanded my range to include 30mm and 35mm crochet hooks and knitting needles, and straight knitting needles as well!

Chunky crochet hooks and tunisian hooks are $20 each chunky knitting needles are $25.

Find out more about chunky crochet hooks here, chunky tunisian hooks here and chunky knitting needles here.


Chunky Yarn Joining Kit – $69

Clover Large Needle Felting Mat for Joining Chunky Yarns | Homelea Lass

I’ve developed a process of joining chunky yarns which makes the join strong and practically invisible! This kit includes everything you need to make lovely yarn joins – felting mat, felting tool, mat cleaning tool, spare needles, storage bag, instructions and full technical support.

A full Chunky Yarn Joining Kit is $69 and each part can be purchased individually as well.

Find out more here.


Grounded Stool – starting at $65

Grounded Stool Chunky | by Homelea Lass

There’s something wonderful about having a chunky stool in your home – it’s so gorgeous to look at and it comes in so handy! It includes 1 skein of Homelea Bliss yarn.

Stool kits without the stool are $70 and $115 with the stool. Custom made Grounded Stools are $90 without the stool and $135 with the stool.

Find out more here.


Chunky Crochet Starter Kit – starting at $75

Chunky Crochet Starter Kit Australian Merino Wool | Homelea Lass

This handy kit contains Homelea Bliss chunky yarn, a chunky crochet hook, project bag, yarn colours and lots of handy information and patterns. It’s heaps cheaper than buying each part separately!

A 1 skein kit is $75 and a 2 skein kit is $140.

Find out more here.


Bliss Scarf – starting at $130

Bliss Scarf | Homelea LassThis chunky scarf is so soft and snuggly to wear and a great way to get started with chunky crochet. It contains 2 skeins of Homelea Bliss yarn.

A scarf kit is $130 and a custom made scarf is $180.

Find out more here.


Bliss Blanket – starting at $390

Homelea Bliss - soft and durable chunky yarn | Homelea Lass

Feel peaceful and happy amidst the busyness of your life with a Bliss Blanket.

Blanket kits start at $390 and custom made blankets at $480.

Find out more here.


Macarla Blanket – starting at $450

The Macarla Blanket (by Homelea Lass) lying on a bed ready to be snuggled. It can be custom designed to suit your needs.

The Macarla Blanket will wrap you and your family in love.

Custom made blankets start at $450 and the blanket kits will be released as part of this year’s Blanket School.

Find out more here.


Release Blanket – starting at $550

Release Blanket | by Homelea Lass

Release the complexity of your busy life and just relax with a super chunky Release Blanket.

Blanket kits start at $550 and custom made blankets at $580.

Find out more here.


Do you have any questions for me? Let’s get together and have a chat – schedule a time here.

I look forward to wrapping you in love with some chunky Homelea Lass goodness.


With love, Lynda.



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