The Transformational Power of Chronic Illness

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5 years ago today my life changed over night.

In a matter of hours I went from being a successful Construction Engineer and Project Manager to barely being able to get out of bed.

It was supposed to be a day of celebrating my birthday in style; instead I was forced to completely retreat from the world and start a full life transformation.

Everything about my life was forced into the fire – mindsets, habits, friendships and finances. Everything. The chronic and debilitating fatigue that wracked my body was relentless.


My soul had spoken and I had no choice but to conform, and from those ashes true beauty emerged.

Each year the anniversary of my illness and my birthday has been a transformational day.

One year I was forced to accept the ugly truth of who I was, and then last year I was finally able to accept my wound and live the life I had.


Today, I’m stepping into my power and evolving into the feminine leader I’m meant to be.

After an insightful and transformational session with Eloise Meskanen, I’m fully accepting my calling and following my flow.

I’m leaving behind my fear of being judged and pleasing the masses so that I can work deeply and lusciously with the women I am here to serve.

It feels good. It feels right.


I am here to help women find peace and happiness through creativity.

Deep down inside me I know that this is why I am on this earth.

Has it been an easy journey? No. Has it been worthwhile? Ohhhh yes.

And I will continue to evolve and grow and transform.


What do you feel?

Today has been a day of reflection and insight for me and I’d love to extend that to you.

What feels like it needs to shift in your life?

Do you long to bring more peace and happiness into your being?

Do you feel called to work deeply and lusciously with me?

Does this feel right for you? Let’s create change together in Blanket School.


With love, Lynda.