The Importance of Taking a Break

Categories: Creative Happy Life

The last couple of months have been amazing for me – I’ve been travelling far and wide sharing my chunky creations. I absolutely love doing this – I get to meet so many lovely people and talk about chunky yarn, merino wool, knitting and crochet all day long. It’s my ideal job!

I’ve loved it so much that I’ve been going flat out – I’ve discovered that turning up to a major market or show takes a huge amount of preparation. Plus I’ve got so many wonderful ideas on how to make the next Homelea Lass outing even more special and I just want to do them all at once!


But like everything in life, all my busyness needs to be balanced with some rest.

So I’m having a mini-break this weekend. Hubby and I are off to the coast to catch with some friends and relax. I might even get a spa treatment!


I’m able to let go of all my Homelea Lass activity because I know on Monday morning I’ll have recharged my batteries and be ready to head to Melbourne for Finders Keepers next weekend – I’m looking forward to it too!

With love, Lynda.