Rediscovering My Creative Happy Life

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I’m terrible at letting go. I hold on so tightly to things that just aren’t serving me, and I struggle, struggle and struggle until I end up exhausted and run down.

This struggle with letting go reared it’s ugly head again when I was moving from Glen Innes to Sydney. It wasn’t until I got so sick and exhausted that I realised I just had to let go.

By letting go I was able to rediscover the beauty of living a creative happy life, and how it adds more meaning to my chunky creativity. I’m excited to be weaving more of this into Homelea Lass and being able to share what I’ve learnt with you.


I was struggling against the flow until . . .

Normally I flow through moving with ease. I relish the opportunity to clean out the cobwebs, throw out things I haven’t used, and start afresh. Normally moving is cathartic, but not this time. My move from Glen Innes to Sydney has been hard. Hard in ways I didn’t expect.

I wasn’t consciously aware of this struggle – I was so in the logistics of moving that I had disconnected with my soul and emotions and I just didn’t feel it.

Without knowing it, I struggled with saying goodbye to all the beautiful friendships and routines I’d built in Glen Innes. I struggled with pulling up the roots I’d grown in a community that opened its arms to me. A community that will always feel like home, and one that I will always keep coming back to.

My struggle continued on the other end as I resisted stepping into a new level of abundance – having a beautiful new home, studio and office. Having dedicated spaces to live, and to let my creativity and Homelea Lass expand.

I resisted. Oh did I resist! Unpacking took forever. I got sick (again and again and again). It was hard. So hard.


. . . I reached the turning point.

It was hard until I let go.

I realised I needed to heal the energetic blocks that were holding me back and reconnect with my mind, body and soul.

So I let go. I rested. I read and I slept. Oh I slept!

Even though it felt like there were so many other things I “needed” to do, I gave myself the space to upgrade emotionally, energetically and physically.

I let everything fall in a heap, and then, piece by piece, the beauty emerged from the ashes and I rediscovered my creative happy life.


Rediscovering my creative happy life . . .

I’ve been feeling like something has been missing from Homelea Lass. All the chunky creativity is wonderful, beautiful and inspiring, but there was another layer I needed to bring into being.

It wasn’t until I started weaving more rest and relaxation into my life, enjoying the simple pleasures, taking time out just to create and eating nourishing food that I found out what it was.

The missing piece was me.

My soul; my stories; my journey in creating a happy life. Me and my experiences.

As this wisdom came into my consciousness, like the day dawning, it felt right deep within me. I was suddenly full of excitement and passion again.

I want to share my way of living with you; the things in my life that make chunky creativity more meaningful.

I want to help you to create your happy life too. To find happiness in every stitch. To be all of you. All of the wondrous you.


. . . so you can live your creative happy life too.

Living a creative happy life means going with the flow and following the threads without knowing where they’ll end it.

It means trusting your soul and finding the beauty that emerges from letting go.

Embracing the quiet moments and discovering their beauty.

Reconnecting with you. All of you.


Introducing Creative Happy Life.

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My darling, I hope you love the journey of living your creative happy life too.

It will be full of ups and downs, and there will be times where the struggle is so hard that you just want to stop.

It’s in these moments, the hard ones, where the true beauty emerges.

Hang in there lovely, there is so much ease and grace on the other side.

With love, Lynda.


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