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Chunky Knitting Needles – circular 10mm to 35mm



These knitting needles are ideal for knitting chunky blankets.

The first time I knitted with these chunky knitting needles I was surprised by how lovely they felt and how quickly my knitting progressed. They are light to hold and feel amazing to use – it’s important when you’re using chunky yarn, especially when you’re knitting a chunky blanket.

Don’t be scared off by the circular needles – these are the best needles to knit a chunky blanket. Most of the weight of the blanket rest on your lap, which means less weight, and stress, on your hands – this makes for easy knitting. Simply use the circular needles like you do straight needles – knit a row and then turn to start the next row.

All of the needles are suitable for use with my Homelea Bliss yarn, and the 30mm and 35mm knitting needles are suitable for use with my Homelea Hug yarn. The larger sizes will create a looser and more drapey textile than the smaller sizes.

With love, Lynda.


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