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Wool Wash


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I love these wool washes because they’re gentle on natural fibres, contain Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle Oil to help deter bugs and mites, plus they’re Australian made.

Looking after your chunky creations is so important and these specially formulated wool detergents by Tantech use natural elements to gently clean and protect your crocheting and knitting.

They’re both concentrates (in 500mL bottles) so only a little bit is needed in each wash. Each bottle has a handy measure in it.

These blends contain a mild surfactant to gently and effectively remove most soiling and stains. They also contain a conditioning agent to ensure the soft feel and natural lustre of the natural fibres. They are pH neutral and suitable for sensitive skin.

Felting Finishing Wash is based on Delicate Wash with the addition of lanolin to help nourish the delicate fibres and reduce pilling.


Delicate Wash and Felting Finishing Wash are what I use to care for my chunky creations.

I use Delicate Wash for machine washing and Felting Finishing Wash for hand washing (it doesn’t need rinsing).


I hope you love these wool washes as much as I do.

With love, Lynda.