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Bliss Blanket | Homelea Lass Contemporary Crochet


Hello! It’s Lynda here from Homelea Lass and I’m glad that you’re joining me in making the Bliss Blanket.

When my chronic fatigue left me completely exhausted and drained, I discovered that crocheting with chunky yarns took me to a happy place. Even though I was physically feeling horrid and exhausted, on the inside I felt blissful and happy. The movements and textures soothed my soul and made me feel good on the inside.

I’ve designed the Bliss Blanket to tap into that happy place.

Everything about this crochet pattern is blissful – the soft yarn is a joy to create with and the repetitive stitch pattern relaxes and soothes. Even looking at the fascinating texture feels good. The gorgeous loops and lines textures of this blanket are created by double crochet (US single crochet) stitches that are worked through the front loop of the stitch below. The stitches on the edges of the blanket are worked through both loops to give the blanket structure and strength.

As you’re creating your Bliss Blanket relax and feel into your heart. Discover a place that you can escape to that feels good, that feels like bliss. This is your happy place.


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