Striped Bliss Blanket (right handed)

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Hello! It’s Lynda here from Homelea Lass and I’m glad that you’re joining me in making the Striped Bliss Blanket.

This playful blanket is a variation on the Bliss Blanket pattern – highlighting the right row in a different colour adds a new dimension to the intriguing pattern.

With 12 different colours stripes there are lots of ways to add your unique flair to this design. Keep it calm and classic by doing the stripes in the same colour or have fun varying the colour stripes.

Everything about this crochet pattern is blissful – the soft yarn is a joy to create with and the repetitive stitch pattern relaxes and soothes. Even looking at the fascinating texture feels good.

I hope you enjoy making your Striped Bliss Blanket, and that it’s loved and used for many years.


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