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How to Make a Chunky PomPom


Pompom Keyring Clips | Homelea Lass

Hello and welcome to making chunky pompoms – they’re so much fun to make!


if you need help

If you’ve got any questions while you’re making your pompoms post your question on my Facebook Page – I’ll respond as soon as I can. If you can add photos or videos, I’ll be able to give you the best help possible.


the fine print

These instructions are the original work of Lynda Rennick and are covered by copyright. I ask that you do not share any of this pattern (or your access to it) without my written permission.


before we start crocheting

what you’ll need

To make your chunky pompoms you will need:


how to make chunky pompoms

Making chunky pompoms is so much fun! This is how to make them:

  •    – start by unclipping both arms on one (blue/aqua) side of your Clover Extra Large Pompom Maker. Wrap the yarn around both arms, placing the yarn side by side on the inside of the curve. Do 6 layers of this, cut the yarn and then clip the arms back into position.
  •    – unclip the arms on the other side of your Pompom Maker and do another 6 layers of yarn. Cut the yarn and the clip the arms back into position.
  •    – cut a length of yarn about 50cm long. Separate it into 3 stands – we’re going to use one of these as a tie to hold the pompom together. If your pompoms are a different colour to your scarf, then make the tie the same colours as your scarf.
  •    – using your scissors, cut along the V groove between the arms, and continue doing this around the pompom maker.
  •    – tie the pompom together by wrapping the tie around the V groove, pull it tight to secure the pompom and tie into a knot.
  •    – gently unclip one side of the pompom maker, and then do the other side. Pull the 2 white sections of the Pompom Maker apart.
  •    – once you’ve removed your pompom, wrap the tie yarn around again and secure with another knot.
  •    – put your pompom maker back together.
  •    – trim your pompom gradually to make it look evener.


thank you

It’s been an absolute pleasure to help you make your chunky pompoms – I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

I’d love to see what you’ve made so please share a photo on my Facebook Page.

I desire for all my patterns to be easy to make. I’d appreciate it if you took a couple of moments to leave me some feedback at homelealass.com/feedback.

With love, Lynda.


pdf instructions

Download the pdf instructions here.



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