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Another Flourish Cushion


Do you remember the Flourish Cushion I made back at the end of 2012?  It was lovely.

Well I’ve made another Flourish Cushion that’s the same but different, if you know what I mean.  I’m calling it “Flourish Cushion 2” and it’s turned out to be lovely as well.  The beauty of this pattern is that it is quick and easy to crochet.  The time consuming bit is hand sewing the top and bottom of the crochet onto the cushion.

The yarn is hand spun by Nunnaba and is called Blushed.  It’s mainly a gorgeous cream colour with hints of dusty pink and rose brown.  I love the thick-thin of hand spun yarns which combined with the softness of this yarn made it a joy to work with.

The cushion is from Curtain Wonderland and it’s neutral colour is the perfect background for the blush yarn.




This cushion is a gift for someone special, and I think it will go perfectly on her lounge.  I’m a cushion lover from way back, are you?



P.S. you can find Flourish Cushion 2 on Ravelry here.

P.S.S. this post is not sponsored at all, I’ve used products that I love.

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