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Homelea Bliss Chunky Yarn – 300g skeins

Homelea Bliss transports me to my happy place every time I crochet or knit with it.

I’d love to introduce you to Homelea Bliss – this super chunky yarn achieves the perfect yarn combo of soft and durable. The soft Australian merino wool is plied many times to create a yarn that’s durable enough for everyday use.


Where is it grown and processed?

Homelea Bliss is made from 22 micron Australian merino wool which is grown in South Eastern Australia. The raw wool fibre is scoured in Victoria before being transported to Nundle, NSW for processing on vintage equipment.

I love that the fibre in Homelea Bliss is fully grown and processed in Australia. I think this adds to the “soulfulness” and amazing feel of it. It has an energy of love that comes from being made locally.

How is it made?

This yarn is made by plying (twisting) 27 pieces of yarn together in multiples of 3. This construction method adds durability to the soft wool and gives it amazing stitch definition.

What colours does it come in?

Homelea Bliss comes in 12 colours – grey, dusky rose (pink), mushroom (purple), donkey (soft brown), celery (light green), olive (dark green), mustard yellow, steele blue, navy blue, natural (undyed), oatmeal and black.

The technical stuff

Homelea Bliss is a super bulky yarn that comes in 300g (10.5oz) skeins. There’s 60m (66yds) of yarn in each skein and it’s best to give it the wool-washing-combo of cold, gentle hand wash and lie flat to dry

What is it suitable for?

The combination of the soft merino wool fibres and the plied construction makes this yarn soft to feel (blissful even) and durable. It’s perfect for making big chunky blankets, scarfs, cowls and cushion covers. Homelea Bliss has very defined stitches which makes it ideal for cables.

I’ve designed my Bliss Block, Bliss Blanket, Bliss Scarf, Macarla Blanket and Grounded Stool using this gorgeous yarn.

What size hook or needles should I use?

Homelea Bliss is ideally suited for using crochet hooks and knitting needles that are larger than the standard size. 15mm needles and hooks creates a close fabric (like my Bliss Blanket) whereas 25mm needles and hooks creates a looser, more fluid fabric.

How do I join such a chunky yarn?

One of the reasons I love creating with Homelea Bliss is because it’s possible to felt the ends of it together – this means less wastage and no sewing in ends.

To felt the ends together all that’s needed is a felting tool, a felting mat and the following steps:

  •    – Individually twist each end and then felt the plied parts of the yarn together. Chop off the loose bit at the end at an angle.
  •    – Overlap the two ends for approximately 10cm, twist them together and lie them on the felting mat.
  •    – Using the felting tool, felt the twisted ends together. Keep rotating the join to make sure the two ends are completely joined and felted.
  •    – I like to give the join a tug at the end just to make sure it’s not going to come apart.

You can also felt in the loose ends at the start and finish of your Bliss Block instead of weaving them in by hand.

What else do I need to know?

You may find some vegetable matter in Homelea Bliss. I love how this links the maker back to the growth of the fibre.


I hope you enjoy creating with Homelea Bliss as much as I do.

With love, Lynda.