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Homelea Lass is about helping you to easily crochet beautiful things.

“It’s like you’re sitting beside me, showing me what to do.”

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Hi I'm Lynda, and welcome to Homelea Lass.

I believe that you can easily crochet beautiful things.

Maybe you’ve tried crocheting, but the instructions were too hard to follow and you ended up frustrated. Maybe you’re just starting out on your crocheting journey.

I’ll teach you the easy way to crochet – it feels so good to do. Uou’ll learn lifelong skills that you’ll use to crochet many beautiful things.

Each Homelea Lass Kit has detailed video tutorials showing how to make the item from start to finish. It’s like I’m sitting beside you, showing you what to do.

The premium Australian merino wool and quality tools in our kits are an important part of crocheting easily and quickly – they feel good to hold, and you’ll use them again and again. Go on, invest in yourself and support Australian farmers and makers at the same time. You’re worth it!

Homelea Lass is the calm and easy way to crochet.

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