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Hi! I'm Lynda and
welcome to
Homelea Lass

About Homelea Lass

About Homelea Lass

Find peace and happiness by creating a soft and snuggly Homelea Lass blanket or scarf.

Designed to wrap you in love, each design is lovingly infused with an intention and essential oil partner that connects with your soul and helps you to feel peaceful and happy.

All of the Homelea Lass yarns are All Australian – each merino sheep that grows the soft wool and every person that transforms the raw fibre into the soft yarn lives here in Australia.

Each design is available as “made for you” or “make your own”.


Our studio in Casula, Sydney is now open by appointment. Contact us to arrange a time.

About Lynda Rennick

About Lynda Rennick

Hi! I’m Lynda and I’m the lady behind Homelea Lass.

I’m a Creative Soul Mentor and Chunky Crochet Goddess. I utilize my skills as a intuitive, an empath, a creative and a lover of essential oils to help women find peace and happiness through creativity.

In 2012 I was knocked down by debilitating and chronic fatigue that put an end to my blossoming career as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager.

Early on in my illness I discovered that I could crochet without draining my energy so I spent my days crocheting, researching yarns and then blogging about it and this is how Homelea Lass was born.

During many, many hours of crocheting I discovered that crocheting with chunky yarns made from natural fibres made me feel peaceful and happy. I also rediscovered who I really was and I’ve found healing through creativity, energy healing and essential oils.

I love that I can now share everything I’ve learn about crocheting and soulful creating through my “made for you” and “make your own” blankets and scarfs – creativity really can help you to feel peaceful and happy.



I like Homelea Lass because you are down to earth, pleasant, sweet and you have a range of things you talk about, plus I like seeing your photos.



from Indigo and Quince

What do I like about your blog? Well…all of it really, but most of all that being in the country doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative! Linking up through blogs, Facebook, Instagram and the web in general keeps my creativity flowing when dealing with the tyranny of distance.



from HereInMyGarden

Your posts at Homelea Lass always strikes a cord of relaxation within me – I feel creative when I see your ideas, I feel calmed when I see the beautiful photos from where you live, I love your colors.