Warm Heart Blanket Crochet Kit – learn to crochet

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master the fundamentals of chunky crochet

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Warm Heart Blanket Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorials (learn to crochet)

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Homelea Bliss Super Chunky Yarn - 300g skeins (Australian Merino Wool)

Cumin (dark mustard)Cumin (dark mustard)Cumin (dark mustard)Grey (light grey)Grey (light grey)Grey (light grey)Donkey (greyish brown)Donkey (greyish brown)Donkey (greyish brown)Mushroom (purple)Mushroom (purple)Mushroom (purple)Natural (undyed)Natural (undyed)Natural (undyed)Navy (dark blue)Navy (dark blue)Navy (dark blue)Oatmeal (blush)Oatmeal (blush)Oatmeal (blush)Olive (green)Olive (green)Olive (green)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Steele Blue (mid blue)Steele Blue (mid blue)Steele Blue (mid blue)

25.00mm ChiaoGoo Crochet Hook - light wood

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2 Stitch Markers

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Joining Chunky Yarns Instructions & Video Tutorial

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Clover Large Felting Mat

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Clover Felting Tool

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Chunky Yarn Scissors

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Tape Measure

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You desire to easily crochet beautiful things. This chunky blanket kit is just for you!

Light a candle and brew a cup of tea and let the flowing movements of crocheting this blanket to help you to feel calm and escape to your happy place. You won’t want to put this crochet project down, and you’ll love improving your crochet skills as you make it.

The soft merino wool, filled with the love of being 100% Australian grown and processed, is calming to touch. It’s a yarn that won’t cover you in fluff and this blanket will be an heirloom that will look good for a long time.


Skill level:

The kit is suitable for learning to crochet, or mastering the fundamentals of chunky crochet.


What you’ll need:


See how to make this kit in the video below:


You’re going to love making your Warm Heart Blanket, and you’re going to love opening up your chunky blanket kit!

With love, Lynda.

  • what you'll learn

    I’ve designed the Warm Heart Blanket to help you practice the fundamentals of chunky crochet so you can succeed at making beautiful blankets.

    With the detailed instructions in the crochet pattern book you’ll:

    • have straight edges on your crocheting,
    • create seamless yarn joins (there are no bulky joins or weaving in lots of ends), and
    • practice all the common crochet stitches.
  • about the yarn

    This soft Australian Merino Wool is an absolute pleasure to crochet with.

    Made from 100% Australian grown and processed wool, the twist in Homelea Bliss means that your lovingly made blanket will be an heirloom that you will use for many, many years. It won’t cover you or your home in fluff and it hardly pills, even when it’s being used every day.

    Don’t be fooled by its rope-ish texture – Homelea Bliss is constantly amazing people with how soft it feels!

  • size

    The Warm Heart Blanket is the perfect size for snuggling on the lounge or being elegantly draped across the end of your bed. It’s 1.1m (1.2yds) x 1.1m (1.2yds)

  • colours (depending on availability)
    • donkey (greyish dark brown)
    • grey (light grey)
    • mushroom (purple)
    • natural (undyed)
    • navy blue
    • oatmeal (blush)
    • olive (green)
    • steele blue ( mid blue)
    • rhubarb (pinkish red)
    • cumin (dark mustard)
  • time to make

    25 hours.

  • instructions included
    • easy to follow, step by step instructions
    • 36 page crochet pattern booklet – printed and pdf
    • photos and written instruction
    • Pattern terminology – UK and US terminology

    The full video tutorials are available in Blanket School (you’ll also receive 20% off this kit with your Blanket School membership).

  • care instructions

    When required, cold, gentle hand wash and lie flat to dry.

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