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Making a Snowflake . . . in a scarf


It doesn’t snow where I live, it just doesn’t get cold enough.  This means I’m generally not inspired by snowflakes, I save this for trips to the snowfields.

When I came across the pattern for a snowflake scarf in Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012 I knew I had the perfect yarns in my stash for it – a multi coloured silk for the snowflake and an undyed merino-silk blend for the main colour.  I altered the pattern to make the multi-coloured-silk-snowflakes stand out – after all, it’s not every day you see snowflakes in silk!


This crochet technique uses two strands of yarn.  The yarn that’s being seen is wrapped around the other yarn and the wrapping yarn is alternated to create the coloured pattern.  This produces a textile that looks good on both sides.

The yarns were dreamy to work with, they feel beautiful.  I believe that if you can afford high quality yarns then buy them – they make the creating and wearing of the garment much more enjoyable.



You can find this scarf on Ravelry here.


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