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Proactive = Happy


Jacaranda Flower Happiness by HomeleaLass

Some days does it seem like the world is against you?

I’ve been doing some bloggy reading this morning. When I was going through Jan from Poppytalk’s interview with Holly Becker about Decorate Workshop I read something which really struck a chord with me, and it’s something I like to be reminded of regularly:

“Complaining doesn’t solve problems, proactive thinking does.”

It’s so true! I find if I can change my thinking from being a victim and the-world-is-against-me to thinking proactively and looking for change I’m much happier and I have a fabulous day!

So, today is about pro-activity for me! What about you?

Lynda xox.

P.S. – go and check out the Poppytalk interview with Holly – there are some great “homelea” images and an interesting insight into the book and Holly.

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