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Outing Scarf (crochet pattern review)


This week I finished crocheting Pierrot’s Outing Shawl pattern and I had to share it with you because it’s turned out beautifully!


I came across this pattern because I had two skeins of Knitsch 4ply sock yarn in a gorgeous teal colourway called Sinatra that was too amazing to sit in my yarn cupboard.  Sinatra’s not just a flat teal colour, it has different depths of tealness that looks amazing.  Anyhow, I went searching on Ravelry for a suitable pattern and came across the Outing Shawl.  It turns out that this was a yarn-pattern combo that was made in heaven because I only had a little bit of yarn left over and the finished product looks and feels beautiful.  I must say that although it’s called a shawl it’s size is more of a scarf in my opinion.


perfectly suited for . . . 

This scarf is perfectly suited for wrapping around your neck when the weather is not warm but it’s not cold either – like when the air conditoning in the office is a tad cool or to combat the evening chill when you’re out enjoying the end of the day.  Even though the Outing Scarf is light, delicate and lacy I was surprised by how warm it feels around my neck.

why you should make this . . .

  • The edging is cute!
  • It’s a free pattern.
  • The pattern chart is easy to follow.
  • It’s a great “stash buster” because you only need 100g or 334m of 4ply yarn.
  • It’s size and weight makes it the perfect for working on when you’re out and about.
  • This scarf is (relatively) quick to make, it took me about 10 hours to crochet the body.
  • You’ve mastered the basic crochet stitches and want to make an awesome scarf!


top tips . . .

Here are my top tips for making the Outing Scarf:

  • Work the dc’s into the chain space, not into an individual chain to form the scallops.
  • Finish the body on a row 6.
  • When doing the edging work the slip stitches of the 3 petals into the first chain after the 3trtog.
  • Check that the first row of the edging is worked with the same side of the scarf body facing forward.
  • I seriously recommend blocking your finished scarf, it opens out the pattern and makes the scarf drape beautifully.

This is what the finished scarf looks like before blocking:


This is what the finished scarf looks like after blocking:outing-scarf6

Blocking does amazing things doesn’t it!

more on blocking . . . 

When I made my Outing Scarf I blocked it by soaking it for 15 minutes, rolling it in a towel to remove the excess water and then I pinned it out and left it to dry. I’ve since bought a set of blocking wires from Yay! for Yarn called the blocKit. I would now use the rigid wires from this kit in addition to pinning because it will create a more even edge.

You can find my finished scarf on Ravelry here.

With love,


P.S. Check out the second outing scarf I made using cotton here – it’s great for adding a bit of colour and life during the warmer months.

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