Knitting Continentally

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This week I felt the need to learn how to knit continental style. After 2 years of solid crocheting I followed my intuition, picked up my knitting needles and did a youtube search for continental knitting.

Continental knitting suits me. How I hold the yarn and the smaller, more fluid movements feels right to me in a way that english knitting doesn’t.

My awkward movements are slowly becoming more coordinated. Each night before I go to sleep I knit. As my stitches become more even, the click-clack of the needles soothes my mind and relaxes my body.

Following my intuition was the right thing to do – knitting now feels right and it’s good for me. Crochet will always be my favourite but I’m looking forward to doing some knitting as well.


Are you curious about continental knitting? I used this youtube video to learn (thanks to for sharing) and this article on the Craftsy blog gives a comparison between the continental and english knitting styles.

Has your intuition ever led you down a path that ended with an interesting discovery? What style of knitting do you use? I’d love to hear about it so please share it in the comments section below.