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Grounded Cowl: A Chunky Cowl Infused with Peace and Happiness

I’d love for you to meet the Grounded Cowl!


Grounded Cowl - Chunky Crochet Cowl | by Homelea Lass

I’ve been dreaming about this design for a while now.

At Finders Keepers last year so many people told me they’d love to make a chunky cowl. I knew I had a design bubbling inside me and I was waiting for it to land in my consciousness.

And then the first seeds of inspiration arrived.

This cowl design has been through a couple of different design iterations – I’ve been wearing them to test them out – until finally discovering “the one”.


It’s gorgeously chunky without being too big, and it sits beautifully whether it’s worn wrapped tightly around your neck or just hanging casually like a super big necklace.

I’ve fallen head-over-heels with my soft and squishy cowl and I’m wearing it whenever I can!


When it came to naming this cowl it took me awhile to find a name that felt right. Then, as I was reviewing my Grounded Stool pattern, I realised that it used the same hook size and stitches and therefore it should be the Grounded Cowl!

This name felt just right.


Staying grounded and in my body is something I’ve been focusing on lately and it’s helping me to feel more peaceful, happy and productive.

I’ve been calling on the vibrational powers of Balance, Vetiver and Patchouli essential oils to help me feel grounded and their essence is woven into the design.


I’m so excited to share the Grounded Cowl with you.

Whether you’d love one “made for you” ($65) or you’d love a “make your own” kit ($65), you can pop over to my website now and be one of the first people to have your very own Grounded Cowl.


Get the free Grounded Cowl crochet pattern here.



With love, Lynda.


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