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The Power of Creating Soulfully

To be whole we need balance. Just as there is there is day and night, we need both activity and rest.

The last month has been such a whirlwind of amazingness for me – new designs, wonderful connections, market preparations and soaking up all the autumn gorgeousness.

This week, as I’ve come down from my Finders Keepers high (thank you so much for your love and support), I’ve felt the deep need to nourish my soul with rest.


So this weekend I’m resting.

I’m luxuriating in luscious sleep-ins, the serenity of the Aussie bush, gorgeous doTERRA essential oils and, of course, some crochet.

I’ve got AromaTouch and Wild Orange essential oils in my diffuser and I’m letting the movements of my crochet stitches to soothe my soul. This coupled with the soft feel of my yarn is helping me to reconnect my mind, body and soul once again.


This is the power of creating soulfully.

It feels good to just be. To leave rushing and thinking and planning behind and to just be in my body. To surrender to my flow.

I’m becoming whole again and it feels good.


Would you love to experience the power of creating soulfully too?

My Chunky Starter Kit is the perfect way to allow crochet to soothe your soul. The soft merino yarn feels amazing to handle, and the chunkiness makes crocheting pure joy.

Sink into to pleasure of creativity. Pop over here and get your Chunky Starter Kit in my online store now.


With love, Lynda.


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