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Making the Perfect Pom Pom

There’s something about pompoms – they’re little balls of happiness that always bring a smile to my face.

They’re so lovely to look at, but they can be so hard to make. I’ve spent countless hours struggling to make beautiful pompoms!

It wasn’t until I discovered the right yarn and tools that I found my pompom mojo.


Here are my top tips for making a lovely pompom:

The yarn – Homelea Bliss is ideal for making perfect pompoms because it’s made up of lots of individual pieces of yarn that are twisted together in lots of 3. When you fluff and trim your pompom these individual pieces come apart and fluff up to fill any gaps and make a full pompom

The pompom maker – I’ve made pompoms the “old fashioned way” with 2 pieces of cardboard, and also with plastic donuts, but I can never get my pompom looking round and full! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Clover pompom makers because they’re perfectly proportioned, easy to use and I can make my pompom without having to cut individual lengths of yarn.

The scissors – the perfect pompom requires lots of trimming and this requires scissors that are sharp, the right size and easy to hold.

Nice and tight – it’s important to get as much yarn as possible into your pompom as this makes it lovely and full. The way to do this is to wind your yarn as tightly as possible around your pompom maker.

Fluff and trim – it sounds a little odd to “fluff” your pompom, but it’s important! This separates the individual pieces of yarn and fluffs them up to create a full and lovely pompom. “Fluff and trim” over and over again to create the fullest pompom possible.

Take your time – the perfect pompom isn’t created in one sitting, it’s one of those things that is worth looking at with fresh eyes. When you think you’re finished, or you’re just getting frustrated, put your pompom down and come back to it later – you’ll be glad you did.

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