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Craft For The Soul

If you read one book this year make it Craft For The Soul by Pip Lincolne – you won’t be disappointed!

When I think back, I have Pip Lincolne to thank for helping me to rediscover my creativity. At the time I was a young engineer, working long days building mine sites in Central Queensland. I was visiting a friend in Townsville when I walked into a lovely little gift x craft shop in the mall. I picked up a copy of Pip’s book, Meet Me At Mikes, and instantly fell in love with it. Its gorgeous pages ignited a spark of feminine creativity within me, that had long been covered by the dust of working in the man’s world of construction and mine sites.

When I paid for my book, the lovely lady behind the counter told me a little about Pip and her blog. I’ve since bought all her books and followed her online, and this is the most recent book.

pip lincolne

So what’s so special about this book?

It’s all about living a creative life, and little things you can do to ignite and foster your creativity. The book is split into 11 chapters, and in each one is a tip for getting in touch with your creativity. Things like “wake up and improve”, “be yourself” and “do new stuff”. If you did nothing more than look at the contents page and do those things, you’d be off to a good start.

I do recommend going further than the contents page and reading all of Pip’s words though. She’s so likeable and lovely that I just wanted to keep reading more. Plus the happy colours and thick pages make reading this book so much more than just the words. It really is soothing for the soul.

The top thing I got out of Craft For The Soul was that Pip helped to change my view on exercise. I’ve never been one to go outside and run around, and I’m much more comfortable inside with a craft project, cooking or reading. I had a mental image as it being something like PE at school – it involved lots of running around, being short of breath and way too much sweat.

By reading Pip’s words I’ve been able to embrace moving as something that helps me be more creative and happier. I’ve found that by going for a walk each morning it gives me mental space, as well as it being good for my body. Coupled with some good advice from my massage therapist (my body will thank me for the extra oxygen it receives from getting out and moving), Pip’s words have motivated me to walk regularly and actually enjoy it. It feels good!

So if you read only 1 book this year, make it this one. Your body, soul and mind will thank you.

With love, Lynda.

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