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How To Easily Care For Your Chunky Blankets and Scarves

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Your chunky blankets and scarves made with Homelea Bliss are surprisingly easy to care for – I’ve tried destroying it in my washing machine, and it’s just not possible! This special Australian merino wool yarn is uniquely made so that it’ll look good for a long time.

Homelea Bliss is constructed so that it will handle being used regularly without turning into a big fluffy mess. You may like to go over it every now and again with a Lilly Brush (or similar) to tidy it up.

If your blanket gets a bit icky try and spot clean it whenever possible. A bit of cold water and wool detergent (I love Tantech’s Felting Finish and Wool Wash because it includes natural essential oils, it’s Australian made and it doesn’t need rinsing) should do the trick. Try and limit the amount of rubbing you do as may make wool felt and fluff.


how to easily wash your chunky blankets and scarves

When you do eventually need to wash your chunky blankets and scarves (honestly, I only do this every couple of years), the process is simple to do.

Here’s what to do:

  • soak your blanket in cold water mixed with wool wash for approximately 30 minutes. This allows the water to fully soak into the fibres.
  • if it’s required by your wool wash, rinse.
  • drain the water from your blanket or scarf by gently lifting it and letting the water run out of it. It’s important to avoid squeezing or wringing it at this stage because this can damage the delicate fibres of the yarn.
  • spread out some towels and lie your chunky blanket or scarf flat on it. Place more towels over the top of your blanket or scarf and roll it all up to remove the excess water.
  • take your blanket or scarf out of the towels and lie it flat in a warm place that is out of direct sunlight.
  • leave your blanket or scarf to dry. You may need to turn it to ensure it dries completely, and if necessary, use a fan or heater.

Caring for your chunky blanket or scarf made with Homelea Bliss is easy.

With love, Lynda.



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