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What colour chunky blanket should I make as a Christmas gift?

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A handmade chunky blanket is a beautiful Christmas present – it’s the ultimate way to wrap your family and friends in your love, especially if they live far away from you. They’re quick to make and the chunky texture is always popular – everyone loves a chunky blanket! They become even more special when they’re made with soft merino wool which is 100% Australian made and grown.





My top tips for choosing a chunky blanket colour:

  •  Go for the classics – navy, natural and grey are classic colours that never go out of style.
  • What colours does the recipient they have in their home? Choose a colour that they have a lot of or a colour that blends in nicely.
  • Go for the neutrals – being able to look good with everything, neutrals like donkey, natural, oatmeal and grey are a safe bet.

There are lots of chunky blankets being made with my signature yarn, Homelea Bliss, at present and natural, rhubarb and grey are the most popular colours.





Why don’t you make chunky blankets as Christmas gifts?

The Homelea Bliss Chunky Blanket Yarn Bundle has enough yarn to crochet a “snuggle on the lounge” sized blanket, and unlike other chunky yarns, doesn’t leave fluff everywhere and looks good when it’s used again and again. The added bonus – it’s so soft and you’ll love every moment of making with it.

Shop for your Chunky Blanket Yarn Bundle now to get free worldwide shipping and save over 10%! Afterpay is available too!

Shop for your Chunky Blanket Yarn Bundle here.

With love, Lynda.



What colour chunky blanket should I make as a Christmas gift? | Homelea Lass




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