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Is it worth it financially to make a chunky blanket?

There’s something wonderful about the experience of crocheting a chunky blanket, and then being able to snuggle under its squishy stitches. It’s comforting and special. A question I got asked recently is “is it worth it financially to make a chunky blanket?” and I thought this was a good question because it explores the value of handmade and using quality fibres.

Everyone is different – we all value different things and we all have different experiences in life. Because of this, the answer to “is it worth it financially to make a chunky blanket?” will be different for everyone. It depends on what is important to you.


Warm Heart Blanket - chunky knit blanket - Australian merino wool | Homelea Lass


Here are a few things to consider when thinking about making a chunky blanket:

  • do you love how it feels to make things?
  • do you love how chunky blankets look?
  • do you love being able to make a blanket quickly?
  • do you love having hand made items in your home?
  • do you love being able to make and give hand made items to your friends and family?

If you’re considering using our premium Australian merino wool, Homelea Bliss, to make chunky blankets, then here are a few more things to consider:

  • do you love using natural fibres?
  • do you love using yarns that are fully grown and processed in Australia?
  • do you love supporting small Australian businesses?
  • do you love having blankets in your home that can be used again and again, and still, look good?


quality natural fibres that last

Personally, I love making chunky blankets and I love using natural fibre yarns that feel amazing. It’s important to me to support Australian farmers and makers. I love filling my home with items that look good and that can be used again and again, with minimal maintenance. Homelea Bliss incorporates all of this. It’s a special chunky yarn that is uniquely made, and it still looks good after many, many uses.

See the blanket in the photo up above? It was the very first Warm Heart Blanket I made. Over a couple of years, it’s gone to many, many markets and has been touched by many hands. It lives on my studio chair and gets used regularly. The photo above was taken last week and shows that even with all this use, it still looks good and it will for a long time.


Homelea Bliss Australian Merino Wool Chunky Yarn | Homelea Lass


You are the only one that can answer “is it worth it financially to make a chunky blanket?”. I hope this post has given you some good food for thought, and that it helps you with exploring what is important for you.

With love, Lynda.


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