How Much Yarn Do I Need to Crochet a Chunky Blanket

Categories: Chunky Blankets and Scarfs, Chunky Crochet, Chunky Knitting

Not sure how much yarn you’ll need to make a blanket? I’ve put together this handy calculator so you can easily calculate how much yarn you’ll need.


Here’s how to work out how much yarn you’ll need:

  1. Make a Test Piece in the same stitch pattern as your blanket. Use the same yarn and the same crochet hook that you’ll use for your blanket.
  2. Weight the Test Piece (kitchen scales are great for this) – enter this into the calculator below
  3. Measure the Length and Height of the Test Piece – enter this into the calculator below
  4. Enter in the Height and Length of the blanket you wish to make into the calculator below
  5. Enter an Extra Allowance into the calculator below
  6. Enter the Weight of an individual ball/skein of the yarn you’ll use into the calculator below



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