Chunky Crochet Hooks

These huge crochet hooks feel light and smooth to hold. They are a pleasure to use.

I love using these chunky crochet hooks because they feel lovely to hold and crocheting happens so quickly with them.

I’ve got 2 different types of jumbo hooks available in a variety of sizes – the birch KnitPro hooks and the bamboo ChiaoGoo hooks. Both types of hooks are hand crafted by skilled artisans and they feel amazing to hold.

The difference between the two is the bamboo hooks are lighter than the birch hooks, plus the bamboo hooks have hold indents to fit comfortably in your hand.

The larger sizes will give you a a looser and more drapey textile than the smaller hooks.


All of the hooks are suitable for use with my Homelea Bliss yarn, and the 30mm and 35mm KnitPro hooks are suitable for using with my Homelea Hug yarn.

I hope you enjoy crocheting with these hooks as much as I do.

With love, Lynda.


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