Chunky Yarn Joining Kit

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Seamlessly join your chunky yarns with this kit, you'll hardly be able to find the join!

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Joining Chunky Yarns Instructions & Online Course

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Clover Large Felting Mat

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Clover Felting Tool

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Clover Felting Mat Cleaner

clean your felting mat to stop the wrong coloured fluff ended up on your joins


Clover Felting Tools Needle Refills (heavyweight)

replacement needles for your felting tool


Chunky Yarn Scissors


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Seamlessly join your chunky yarns so there’s no bulky mess.

With this kit you’ll learn how to felt the ends of your chunky yarns together and after a little bit of practice, you’ll hardly be able to find your joins. It works with crocheting, knitting, weaving and other yarn crafts with chunky yarns made from wool and other natural protein fibres.


This kit contains everything you need to easily and neatly join chunky yarns:

  •    large felting mat,
  •    needle felting tool,
  •    mat cleaner,
  •    felting tool needle refills,
  •    chunky yarn scissors, and
  •    online instructions and video tutorials on how to join chunky yarns.


Your crocheting and knitting will look so much better!

With love, Lynda.



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