Online Class: Using Mindful Crochet to Thrive


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Here at Homelea Lass, we’re passionate about making beautiful things and making a beautiful life.

One of my favourite ways of combining these is through Mindful Crochet – I use a pattern as my anchor and allow my intuition to guide me to colours, fibre, yarn and hook size and even the size and form. As I’m making I focus inwards and it helps me to connect deeply with myself, and it nourishes my soul.

Mindful Crochet is a process we practice in Blanket School, and we put together this online class before Christmas in 2019 – I was aware of just how draining that time of year is, and starting a new Mindful Crochet project is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and fill up your energetic cup.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and so much uncertainty about the future, life is hard at present and it’s the perfect time to start a Mindful Crochet project.

Would you love to join me in starting your Mindful Crochet project too? Work through the online class where I’ll guide you through intuitively selecting what you’ll use and give you tools to let your crochet blanket help you thrive when life if hard.

With love, Lynda.

  • what you'll learn

    Using my Bliss Blanket crochet pattern as an anchor, I’ll guide you through:

    • intuitively selecting your yarn, colour and crochet hook
    • mindfully crocheting a blanket to help you feel calm and relaxed
    • balancing your energy with a Mindful Moment (guided meditation, mindful intention and essential oil partner)

    You’ll use these skills again and again, and at any time of the year.

  • you'll receive

    You’ll receive:

    • immediate access to the online class with the video class, Mindful Moment, notes, worksheet and slides
    • Bliss Blanket crochet pattern ebook available for immediate download
  • what you'll need

    You will need:

    • to be willing to learn how to crochet mindfully
    • any yarn or crochet hook
    • a basic understanding of crochet as this online class will not show you how to crochet

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