PomPom Bauble Kit (makes 6)

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Cumin (dark mustard)Cumin (dark mustard)Cumin (dark mustard)Grey (light grey)Grey (light grey)Grey (light grey)Donkey (greyish brown)Donkey (greyish brown)Donkey (greyish brown)Mushroom (purple)Mushroom (purple)Mushroom (purple)Natural (undyed)Natural (undyed)Natural (undyed)Navy (dark blue)Navy (dark blue)Navy (dark blue)Oatmeal (blush)Oatmeal (blush)Oatmeal (blush)Olive (green)Olive (green)Olive (green)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Rhubarb (pinkish red)Steele Blue (mid blue)Steele Blue (mid blue)Steele Blue (mid blue)

Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or adding a pop of texture to your Christmas presents, these pompom baubles are so much fun to make!

Suitable for the whole family, they’re an experience gift that can be used again and again.

These festive kits are lovingly made by hand in our Ballarat studio.

Happy bauble making!

With love, Lynda.

  • what's in the kit
    • Homelea Bliss yarn to make 6 pompom baubles
    • 6 metallic copper bauble ties
    • quality pompom maker
    • written instructions and access to the detailed video tutorials

    You’ll also need:

    • scissors
    • the desire to make something beautiful
  • want to make more?

    You’ll make at least 45 PomPom Baubles from a Homelea Bliss 300g skein, and at least 15 PomPom Baubles from a Homelea Bliss 100g mini skein.

  • 100% Australian grown and processed

    This kit includes chunky Homelea Bliss yarn. This gorgeously soft Australian Merino Wool has been made to last – it won’t leave fluff everywhere, and it’ll keep its good looks after many, many uses. It perfectly constructed for making perfect pompoms.

    This soft merino wool is 100% Australian grown and processed, so you’re supporting Australian farmers and makers every time you wear it (or tell your friends about it).

    This pompom kit is made by hand in our Melbourne studio.

  • size

    Each bauble is 4cm (1.6in) in diameter, and the finished tie length is 6cm (2.4in) to the top of the pompom.

  • colours (depending on availability)
    • donkey (greyish dark brown)
    • grey (light grey)
    • mushroom (purple)
    • natural (undyed)
    • navy blue
    • oatmeal (blush)
    • olive (green)
    • steele blue ( mid blue)
    • rhubarb (pinkish red)
    • cumin (dark mustard)

    Colour samples are available here.

  • time to make
    • 2 hours
  • skill level
    • beginner
    • suitable for adults and children under supervision
  • instructions included
    • access to the online class webpage
    • simple, step by step instructions
    • videos showing you what to do for each step
    • written and online instructions

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