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Crochet For Beginners

Macarla Blanket - Australian Merino Wool | Homelea Lass

As a beginner it’s important to choose the right projects so you don’t become overwhelmed or disillusioned by making something that’s too difficult.

You don’t want to end up with unfinished crocheting in the cupboard that you can never bring yourself to finish. Don’t be tempted by all the beautiful patterns that have many colours and different types of stitches on Instagram and Pinterest, keep them as aspirational projects to motivate you to learn and improve.

Look for crochet patterns that help you master the basic stitches and build your confidence. Patterns that have the same stitch used many times are good, and chunky crochet patterns are ideal because it’s easier to see and control the big hook and yarn. The added bonus is that you’ll finish it quickly!


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A common beginner problem is using the wrong size yarn or crochet hook.

Use the same size as given in the pattern, and I recommend using the exact yarn that the pattern is designed for as the fibre and construction of the yarn can impact the look and size of what you’re making.


This is the order that I recommend making the Homelea Lass chunky blanket crochet patterns in:

1. Warm Heart Blanket

I’ve designed this pattern so you’ll learn the basic stitches and master the fundamental of chunky crochet (like starting, finishing and joining balls).


2. Wrapped In Love Blanket

Learn some new stitches and make a snuggly blanket with a fascinating texture.


3. Diamond Blanket

learn how to increase and decrease, as well as combining stitches to create different textures.


be inspired and learn more about crocheting