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Learn To Crochet

Crocheting is a lovely way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Learning this craft can be difficult, but by choosing the right pattern, yarn and tools you will succeed as learning the basics, and will be able to go on and make more complicated projects.

Macarla Blanket - Australian Merino Wool | Homelea Lass



It’s important to learn to crochet with the right tools to help you master the basic crochet stitches and skills:

1. crochet pattern:

choose a crochet pattern that has been designed for learning to crochet. Look for one that includes video tutorials and repeats the same stitches over and over again to help you learn and improve.


2. yarn and hook:

use a yarn and crochet hook that feels lovely to hold as you won’t want to put them down. It’s important that the yarn and hook are the correct size, and wen you’re learning it’s a good idea to use the same ones specified in the crochet pattern.


3. stitch markers:

stitch markers can help you identify where the start and end of your row are which helps with getting straight edges. Don’t overlook these small tools as they’re very helpful.


4. scissors and tape measure:

these are always handy to have with your crocheting. Look for scissors that are sharp to cut the yarn well.



Chunky crochet is the easiest way to learn to crochet – the big hook and big yarn are easier to see and control, and you’ll be able to quickly finish projects which helps with building your confidence.

After mastering the crochet stitches with chunky crochet, you can use what you’ve learnt to crochet with smaller yarns.



Crochet kits are a popular way of learning to crochet as they include everything you need and some include helpful video tutorials that how you exactly what to do.

I recommend starting with these kits:

Chunky Scarf Crochet Kit:

The 5 crochet patterns included in this kit are quick projects that will build your crochet confidence.


Warm Heart Blanket Crochet Kit:

This comprehensive kit and online course will help you to master the fundamental of chunky crochet with soft Australian merino wool yarn.


be inspired and learn more about crocheting